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Commercial Grade - Extreme Concentrate

For Candles, Crafts, Household products, and Body Products.

10 to 14 Day Processing time.

We Sell Only The Finest Quality


These oils cannot be applied directly to the skin. Follow IFRA usage guidelines when using this product. Please allow 5 to 14 day processing time for Candle and Craft fragrances.

Our Candle and Craft Oils are of the finest quality.
Very little oil is needed to scent any application.

Over 700 traditional fragrances available below:
Fruits, Plants, Flowers, Pastries, Drinks, Candy & More!

Each fragrance will come with an IFRA MAXIMUM USAGE CHART that will outline how much oil to use in scenting all types of products including candles, soaps, and other household products.

See sample IFRA Usage Chart Here.

Our Candle & Craft Oils Are Specially Made For use in Candles, Soapmaking and Crafts.
These oils can be used for scenting Candles, Incense, Bar soap, Bath gels, Foam, Mousses, Bath salts, Scrubs, Oils, Bubble bath, Body Washes, Conditioner, Shampoo, Soap, Shaving cream, Air Freshener Sprays, Laundry Detergents, Fabric Softeners, Household Cleaning Products, Dishwashing Detergent, Air Fresheners, Plug-ins, Oil Warmers, Potpourri, Powders, Sachets, Lamp Rings, Reed Diffusers and much more.

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Absinthe type
Acai Berry type
Acorn Harvest type
Agave Lime type
Almond Macaroon type
Almond Rum Cake type
Almond type
Aloe & White Lilac type
Aloe Vera Clay type
Alpine Snowdrift type
Alyssum type
Amaretto type
Amish Friendship Bread type
Amish Quilt type
Angel Food Cake-* type
Angel Wings type
Angels Whispering type
Animalistic Instinct type
Anjou Pear Blossoms type
Antique Lace type
Apple Butter Caramel type
Apple Butter Pie type
Apple Cinnamon Apple Cinnamon Streusel type
Apple Crisp type
Apple Dumpling type
Apple Jack Peel type
Apple Mango Tango type
Apple Orchard type
Apple Pie type
Apples and Oak type
Apricot type
April Clean type
Asian Pear and Lily type
Australian Bamboo Grass type
Autumn Magic type
Autumn Wreath type
Avalon Juniper type
Awapuhi Seaberry type
Baby Bee Buttermilk type
Baby Clean type
Baby Grace type
Baby Powder Fabuloso type
Baby Powder type
BACON type
Balsam and Cedar type
Balsam type
Bamboo and White Grapefruit type
Bamboo Hemp type
Banana (True) type
Banana Cream Pie type
Banana Foster type
Banana Kiwi type
Banana Nut Bread type
Basil Sage Mint type
Bay Rum type
Bayberry type
Beach Baby type
Beach Daisies type
Beer type
Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves type
Biolage Matrix type
Birds of Paradise type
Black Cherry BOMB type
Black Cherry type
Black Currant type
Black Currant Vanilla type
Black Licorice type
Black Linen And Amber type
Black Raspberry & Vanilla- type
Blackberry Fizz type
Blackberry Jam type
Blackberry Sage type
Blackened Amethyst type
Blue Agave type
Blue Cotton Candy type
Blue Hawaiian type
Blue Hydrangea type
Blue Sugar type
Blueberry Cobbler type
Blueberry Flapjacks type
Blueberry MUFFIN type
Blueberry type
Brandied Fruit type
Brazilian Jackfruit type
Brown Sugar and Fig- type
Bubble Luscious type
Bubblegum type
Bumbleberry type
Burgundy Rose type
Butt Naked type
Butter Brickle type
Buttercream Cupcake type
Buttercream type
Buttered Maple Oats Honey type
Buttered Popcorn type
Butterfly Flower- type
Butterfly Meadows type
Buttermilk Pancakes type
Cabernet Sauvignon Wine type
Cafe Caramel type
Cafe Mocha type
Cake Bake type
Candy Apple- type
Candy Cane type
Candy Corn- type
Cane Sugar Cookie type
Cannabis Flower type
Cannabis Rose type
Cantaloupe type
Cappuccino type
Capri Olivo type
Caramel Apple type
Caramel Custard type
Caramel Popcorn type
Caramel type
Caribbean type
Carnation type
Carrot Cake type
Carrot Cupcake type
Cashmere type
Cashmere & Silk type
Caviar type
Cedar Wood type
Chai Tea type
Chamomile- type
Champagne Pear type
Champagne Pomegranate type
Champaka type
Cherry Crumb Pie type
Cherry type
Chestnut Brown Sugar type
Childrens Room type
China Rain type
Chipotle Salsa type
Chocolate Amber- type
Chocolate Chip Cookies type
Chocolate Con Churros type
Chocolate Covered Cherries type
Chocolate Covered Strawberries type
Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake type
Chocolate Fudge type
Chocolate Lovers type
Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle type
Christmas Cabernet type
Christmas Cabin type
Christmas Cookies type
Christmas Cravings type
Christmas Memories type
Christmas Splendor type
Christmas Thyme type
Christmas Tree type
Christmas Wassail type
Cinderella type
Cinnabun type
Cinnamon Buns type
Cinnamon Cookie Dough type
Cinnamon Doughnuts type
Cinnamon Sticks type
Cinnamon Yum Yums type
Cinnanut Columbian Cafe type
Citronella Berry type
Citronella type
Citrus Sorbet Oriental type
Citrus Strawberry type
Downey Clean Breeze type
Clean Cotton type
Clean Crisp Air type
Clementine type
Clove type
Coco Mango type
Coconut Cabana type
Coconut Craze type
Coconut Cream Pie type
Coconut Lime Verbana type
Coconut type
Coconut Vanilla type
Cola type
Cookie Jar type
Cool Cilantro type
Cool Citrus & Basil type
Cool Cocoa type
Cool Spring type
Copper Hue Suntan Lotion type
Cottage & Breezes type
Cotton & Blossoms type
Cotton Candy type
Country Apple type
Country Bumpkin type
Country Christmas type
Country Clothesline type
Country Garden type
Country Home type
Cracklin Birch type
Crackling Firewood type
Cranberry Apple Tea type
Cranberry Balsam type
Cranberry Cassia Root type
Cranberry Cobbler type
Cranberry Orange type
Cranberry Relish type
Cream and Sugar type
Cream Soda type
Creamy Chocolate Cupcake type
Creamy Coconut type
Creme Brulee type
Creme de Liquor Cafe type
Crisp and Candied type
Crystal Blue Waters type
Cucumber & Melons type
Cucumber Cantaloupe type
Cucumber Melon type
Cucumber Mint type
Cucumber Splash type
Cucumber type
Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro type
Dandelion Pear type
Date Nut Strudel type
Deb's Flower Shoppe type
Democrat type
Denim type
Dewberry type
Dill Pickle type
Doodle Bug type
Drag Strip type
Dragon's Blood type
Drakkar type
Dreama type
Dreamsickle type
Drifting Away type
DUDE type
Early Sunrise type
Easter Bunny Burps type
Eggnog type
Egyptian Dragon type
Egyptian Musk type
Elf Sweat type
English Ivy type
Eucalyptus & Spearmint type
Eucalyptus type
European Mochanut Cafe type
Exotic Coconut type
Fig Lychee type
Fireplace type
Floral Bouquet type
Flower Child type
Flowering Dogwood type
Fountain of Youth type
Frankincense & Myrrh type
Frankincense type
Freesia type
French Lavender type
French Market type
French Vanilla - type
French Vanilla - type
French Vanilla Coffee type
French Vanilla Oak type
Fresh Bamboo type
Fresh Brewed Coffee- type
Fresh Cut Grass type
Fresh Cut Roses type
Fresh Fruit Slices type
Fresh Ginger type
Fresh Linen type
Fresh Peach type
Fresh Pear type
Fresh Raspberry type
Fresh Squeezed Orange type
Fresh Strawberry type
Frost & Snowdrops type
Frosted Lime Cupcake type
Frosted Peak Tops type
Frosted Pinecones type
Frosted Pumpkin type
Frozen Margarita type
Fruit and Fun type
Fruity Rings type
Fuzzy Navel type
Gardenia type
Georgia Sunrise type
German Chocolate Cake type
Giggles type
Gin Martini type
Ginger (Origins ) type
Ginger Peach type
Gingerbread type
Gingered Bergamot type
Gingersnap Cookies type
Gourmet Dark Chocolate type
Graham Crackers type
Grandma's Kitchen type
Grape type
Grapefruit - Ruby red type
Grapefruit Mango type
Green Amber type
Green Apple Candy type
Green Apple Cotton Candy type
Green Apple Explosion type
Green Clover and Aloe type
Green Tea type
Guardian Angel type
Guatemalan Avocado type
Guava Fig type
Guava type
Gumdrops type
Harvest type
Harvest Moon type
Hawaiian Breeze type
Hawaiian Ginger type
Hawaiian Splash type
Hawaiian Suntan type
Hayride type
Hazelnut Coffee type
Hillbilly Homebrew type
Hippy Christmas type
Holiday Pomegranate type
Holly Berry type
Home Sweet Home type
Homemade Cheesecake type
Honey type
Honey Vanilla Love Dust type
Honeydew Melon type
Honeydew Pear type
Honeysuckle type
Hot Baked Apple Pie type
Hot Buttered Rum type
Hot Cocoa type
Hot Fudge Brownies type
Hot Maple Toddy type
Hot Orange Danish type
Hot Pink Pomegranate type
Hot Toddy type
Huckleberry Harvest type
Hummingbird type
Hyacinth type
Hydrangea Heaven type
Ice Capade type
Iced Pineapple type
Indian Sandalwood type
Indian Summer type
Irish Mocha type
Island Christmas type
Island Fresh (Gain) type
Island Kiwi type
Italian Biscotti type
Jack Frost type
Jacuzzi type
Jade type
Jamaican Vanilla Cafe type
Japanese Cherry Blossom type
Jasmine type
Jelly Bean type
Juicy Lemon type
Juniper Breeze type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Aphrodisiac type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Desire type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Dr. FeelGood type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Honeymoon Romance type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- In the Mood type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Misbehavin type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Passionate Kisses type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Satin Sheets type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Scandalous type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Sexy As Sin type
Kama Sutra (unisex)- Sheer Seduction type
Keylime Pie type
Kickin Cocoa type
Kiwi type
Kiwi Watermelon type
Kudzu type
Kulu Bay type
Kumquat type
Laundromat type
Lavender Apple type
Lavender Flowers type
Lavender Luxury type
Lavender Martini type
Lavender Sage type
Leather Jacket type
Lemon Lavender type
Lemon Meringue Pie type
Lemon Poppyseed type
Lemon Pound Cake type
Lemon Squares type
Lemon Sugar type
Lemon type
Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis type
Lemongrass type
Lick Me All Over type
Lilac type
Lily of the Valley type
Lily Pads type
Lime Cilantro type
Lime Citronella type
Linen Breeze type
Lotus Blossom type
Madagascar Spice type
Madam President type
Magi Magic type
Magnolia & Orange Blossom type
Magnolia type
Mandarin Coconut type
Mandarin Lime type
Mandarin Tiki type
Mango & Mandarins type
Mango Papaya type
Mango Peach Salsa type
Mango Sage Tea type
Mango Tangerine type
Mango type
Mangosteen type
Manly Man type
Maple Sugar type
Maple Walnut Fudge type
Marble Cake type
Mardi Gras type
Margarita type
Marmalade Spice type
Mayan Musk type
McIntosh Apple type
Melon Jasmine type
Melon Mist type
Merlot Wine type
Mint Mango Tea type
Mistletoe & Ivy type
Mojito type
MONEY type
Moonlight Gardens type
Moonlight Path type
Moonlight Pomegranate type
Moonlight Tuberose type
Morning Glory & Honeysuckle type
Mountain Fresh type
Mountain Hazelnut Cafe type
Mrs. Claus Cookies type
Mt. Dew type
Mulberry type
Mulberry Spice type
Mulberry type
Mulled Cider type
Muscadine type
Mystic Melon type
Mystic Orange Moonstone type
Nag Champa type
Nantucket Briar type
Nappa Valley Harvest type
Nectarine & Honey type
Nectarine Mint type
New Born Baby type
New Car Scent type
Niagara Falls type
Nutcracker type
Nutmeg type
Oatmeal Milk-n-Honey type
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie type
Ocean Mist type
Oceans type
Old Fashion Banana Pudding type
Orange Blossom type
Orange Clove type
Orange Cream Cupcake type
Orange Juice Cake type
Orange Sherbet type
Orchid Rain type
Organic Wildflowers type
Palm Island type
Papaya Dragon Fruit type
Paradise Reef type
Passion Fruit type
Passionflower & Acai Berry type
Patchouli type
PEACE type
Peach Magnolia Raspberry type
Peach Margarita type
Peach Smoothie type
Peaches-N-Cream type
Peanut Butter Cookie type
Pear Tart type
Pearamel type
Pearberry type
Pecan Pie type
Peony type
Pepperberry Wreath type
Peppermint Patty type
Peppermint type
Petals of Spring type
Pheromones (unisex) type
Pikaki type
Pilgrims Pie type
Pina Colada type
Pine Forest type
Pineapple Jasmine type
Pineapple Orchid Pineapple Paprika type
Pineapple Upside Down Cake type
Pink Watermelon type
Pistachio Pudding Cake type
PIZZA type
Pleasingly Pumpkin type
Plumeria type
Poison Pie type
Pomegranate Cream type
Pomegranate type
Pooch Smooch type
Potpourri Spice type
Precious Gifts type
Precious Puppy type
Pretty Kitty type
Pretty Pink Petals type
Princess (women) type
Pumpkin Apple Butter type
Pumpkin Cheesecake type
Pumpkin Crunch Cake type
Pumpkin Eggnog type
Pumpkin Pie Spice type
Pumpkin Raisin Royale type
Purple Hooters type
Purrs & Paws type
Rain Barrel type
Rain type
Rainbow type
Raisin Bread and Butter type
Raspberry Cream Cupcake type
Raspberry Lemonade type
Raspberry Sorbet type
Raspberry Zinger type
red Currant type
red Delicious Apple type
red Hot Cinnamon type
red Velvet Cake type
Reindeer Poo type
Republican type
Rice Crisp Cereal Bars type
Rice Petals & Shea Butter type
Rock Lobster type
Rootbeer type
Rose & Violet type
Rose Merry Mint type
Rosemary Mint type
Rosemary type
Rum Ripened Raisin type
Saffron & Cedar type
Sage and Citrus type
Sage Leaf type
Sand Castles type
Sandalwood type
Sangria Punch type
Satsuma type
Sea Salt Caramels type
Seaside Cotton type
Sex on the Beach type
Shiraz type
Sinfully Hot type
Sinus Relief type
Snickerdoodle Cookies type
Snickerdoodle Latte type
Snow Angels type
Snowman Balls type
Snuggable type
Sour Watermelon Candy type
Southern Home type
Spa type
Sparkling Cider type
Sparkling Clean type
Spearmint type
Spice of the Forest type
Spiced Cranberry type
Spiritual Awakening type
Spring Rain type
Star Fruit and Mango type
Storm Watch type
Stormy Nights type
Strawberries and Champagne type
Strawberries and Cream type
Strawberry Cheesecake type
Strawberry Daiquiri type
Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie type
Strawberry Kiwi type
Strawberry Passion type
Strawberry Patch type
Strawberry Preserves type
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie type
Strawberry Shake type
Strawberry Shortcake type
STUD type
Sugar Champagne type
Sugar Coated Pie Crust type
Sugar Cookie Brulee type
Sugar Cookies type
Summer Love type
Sun and Sand type
Sun Moon and Stars (women) type
Sun Ripened Raspberry type
Sun Your Buns type
Sunflower (women) type
Sweet Grass type
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper type
Sweet Patchouli type
Sweet Pea type
Sweet Potato Pie type
Sweetheart Roses type
Taffy type
Tahitian Vanilla type
Tahitian Waterfall type
Tamarind Nectar type
Tangerine Dreams type
Tangerine Lemongrass type
Tart Green Apple type
Tayberry and Teakwood type
Tea Leaf Papaya type
Teakwood & Cardamom type
Texas Barrel Cactus type
Tiare Flowers type
Tibetian Amber type
Tiger Lily type
Tinsel type
Toasted Hazelnut type
Toasted Marshmallow type
Tobacco type
Toffee Apple Crunch type
Tomato Leaf Corriander type
Tommy (men) type
Tranquil Oasis type
Truffles type
Tulip type
Tuscan Wine type
Twigs n Berries type
Twilight in the Woods type
Ugly Fruit type
Vamp Vogue type
Vanda Orchid type
Vaniglia del Madagascar type
Vanilla Bean type
Vanilla Blossoms type
Vanilla Champagne type
Vanilla Cupcake type
Vanilla Extract type
Vanilla Insanity type
Vanilla Musk type
Vanilla Pear type
Vanilla Silk type
Vanilla SPECTACULAR type
Vanilla Tarte type
Vanilla Valentine type
Vanilla Wafer type
Vetiver type
Victorian Rose type
Voodoo Love type
Watercress & Aloe type
Watermelon Taffy type
Watermelon type
Wedding Cake type
Wedding Day type
Werewolf type
White Chocolate Truffle type
White Chocolate type
White Gardenia type
White Peach and Silk Blossoms type
White Tea & Ginger type
White Tea type
White Zinfandel Wine type
Whole Wheat Bread type
Wild Currant Sandalwood type
Wild Elderberry type
Wild Wild West type
Wildberry Scone type
Wildberry type
Winter Garden type
Wintery Candy Apple type
Wishing Well type
Wisteria type
Witches Brew type
Witching Hour type
Yacht Club type
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini type
Ylang Ginger type
Yuzu type
8 oz. Squeeze Bottle
$29.95 Each

Special Order Item.
Please allow 10 - 14 days processing time.

16 oz. Squeeze Bottle
49.95 Each

Special Order Item.
Please allow 10 - 14 days processing time.